Zero discrimination Day

Diverse Group Of Children And Teacher Wearing Masks

Zero discrimination day is an opportunity for us to join in solidarity to celebrate the diversity of perspectives, breadth of creativity, and essence of humanity. To thrive in a world without discrimination is to view each other as equals, and to uplift each other in the name of love. It all begins with children and education; it’s our responsibility to show them to embrace diversity. 

4 out of every 10 students are taught in languages they don’t understand, resulting in over a quarter of a billion students being impacted worldwide. The implications are endless: higher dropout and repetition rates, reduced enrollment in higher education, social exclusion, and more. Education can feel rigid, especially when language barriers come into play. Students who struggle with the language they’re taught in may be discouraged to participate in class and improve their social skills. However, the same students hold incredible potential to shape our world with the lens in which they can think, their stories, and their cultural intelligence. Zero discrimination doesn’t mean to just provide equal opportunities, but to truly nurture a better world through compassion.

Smile and Learn strengthens the learning environment through our award winning platform with content offered in six languages. Through our interactive and engaging platform, where children can access thousands of activities and games, instructors can track progress and see recommendations to guide the learning process. Empowering children and educators alike, Smile and Learn celebrates Zero Discrimination Day to achieve a brighter world full of diverse voices and perspectives.

Prince Harwinder

Smile and Learn 

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