Science for Kids

Science for kids

With the increase of importence of science in our lives, it is necessary to encourge kids different skills and abilities in this area.

The term STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) gains importance in schools, where the objective is to awaken the interests of the students through experimentation and practice. Not only does it allow related abilities with these subjects to develop but also benefits the childs personal development, gaining abilities such as, communication, resilience, teamwork, and creativity. There is a number of advantages in this new way of learning, which is why it is necessary to implement it as much as possible in a childs education.

At Smile and Learn, you will be able to discover science through fun videos and games like “Mad Lab”, “The Human Body”, “Microorganisms”, “The cell”, and “Potato Battery”.

In our platform we have different categories within our science section: The Human Body, The Cell, Microorganisms, Social Studies, The Environment, The Universe, Matter, Experiments, Animals, Machines, Hygiene Habits, and much more.

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