A year of fun and learning

Elementary School And People Concept. Diverse Excited Group Of E

The second trimester has arrived and we are returning to the classroom during these uncertain times but also eager to learn. If the last courses have proven anything, it’s that there is nothing like sharing moments of fun and learning that the school environment has to offer. Today, we’ll leave you with some tips to handle the second trimester with more enthusiasm than ever. 


  • Analyze the problematic situations from the previous quarter. Taking a closer look at things that could have gone better is the best way to improve them. Make a short list and assess what you can change this quarter. 
  • Trust the children. Although many times we think that they are vulnerable, children are much stronger than they appear. During this second trimester they will already be more accustomed to the dynamics than they were in the first trimester and it will be easier for them to face challenges. 
  • Commitment to family-school communication. This is a fundamental part of the whole course. Education is a task that is carried out both at school and at home. 
  • Be Patient. Although the Christmas holidays may seem short to us, they are long enough for the students to disconnect from school dynamics and they are more absent-minded and less focused when they return. If you are patient, everything will go back to normal.


  • Dedication is the cornerstone of teaching. If your vocation remains intact, children will notice and together you will build a fantastic engaging environment full of opportunities for fun and learning.


We hope you find our tips useful. In addition to wishing you the best for the upcoming months, we want our platform to be at your service. If you are looking for quality educational content and you have not yet had the opportunity to try Smile and Learn, request a free trial here. You won’t regret it!


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