5 Mathematical Fun Facts

Although some people may find mathematics as a complicated world of problems, numbers, and operations. This may not seem very appealing, however, the truth is that mathematics is quite interesting. Here are some curiosities you may have never heard of, so pay attention!

  1. More than 400 years ago, English mathematician Robert Recorde invented the two dashes “=” that we use in every equation. This symbol means equality because “two things cannot be more equal than two parallel lines.”
  2. Negative numbers originated in India in the year 628, when Indian mathematician and astronomer Brahmagupta considered that they could be used as a debt indicator.
  3. Zero originated in India but spread to Europe thanks to Italian mathematician Fibonacci, who popularized its use to indicate an empty quantity. The word comes from the Arabic word sifr meaning void, which became zephyrum in Latin, later zefiro in Italian, and finally zero.
  4. One of the greatest mathematicians in history, Carl Gauss, wrote a letter to his friend stating that mathematics is “the queen of science and number theory is the queen of mathematics.”
  5. Archimedes of Syracuse, who was absorbed in his work, calculated the number Pi. He did not notice the Roman soldiers entering the then Greek city of Syracuse. Pi Day coincides with Albert Einstein’s birth date, March 14, 1879.

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