Paint Art

6 to 12 years

Are you looking for coloring games for kids? Do you want your child to play painting games to develop their creativity?

Paint Art is the perfect coloring game for kids that give children the option to paint but, without the mess. This game is designed for children to simultaneously have fun coloring while also developing their creativity. This painting game offers 8 different categories where you could choose from a variety of 50 different portraits to paint. The categories that your child can find on this painting game are animals, cooking, buildings, emotions, happy cards, transportation, numbers and if their feeling really creative then freehand. With all of these options your child is going to want to paint all day!

Paint Art encourages children to use their imagination and give life to these illustrations with fun colors, markers and stickers. This coloring game for kids also allows you to save your child’s piece of art to your camera roll.

Do not miss out on exploring all of these colors and pictures on Paint Art, available on the Smile and Learn app. You can find this app on the App Store and Google Play.