Ways To Make Fractions Fun!

Fractions for kids

Every day we use things we learned when we were younger, one of the most useful ones is fractions. Thanks to fractions we can calculate a budget, organize a class in groups or do fun things like sharing a pizza among friends. Sometimes, math can be hard but there are ways to make math fun practicing in the right ways. 

In order for children to understand how useful fractions are, it’s best if we gave them real-life examples like slicing a cake, pizza or toys. This is what teaching with manipulatives is all about: understanding fractions with interaction not just using pen and paper. For this reason, we’d like to suggest different digital, math manipulatives: 

  • One of the most popular and interesting resources is Cuisenaire Rods, vertical, linear or circular fractions. Combining these four types of manipulative materials we can work on fractions in different, fun ways. 
  • To reinforce the concept, we could work on fractm ions with the Smile and Learn apps “Fractions” or “Advanced Fractions”. With these apps, learners can practice the concept of proper and improper fractions, their graphic and numerical representation, and order them from low to high. This will be fun, personalized learning as each child will be able to choose the difficulty level that adapts to his/her needs. 
  • As soon as the concept is clear but we’d still like to practice more in a fun, entertaining way “Fractions Domino” and “Fractions Bingo” are two games, ideal to work on association and graphic representation of fractions and their numerical representation. We could also play in groups, having children create their own pieces. 

Raquel Melero

Education Team


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