Five Ways to Avoid Technology Addiction

Five Ways to Avoid Technology Addiction in Summer

Digital tools and technology can have an addictive effect on children, if tech usage is not kept at a healthy level. These are five ways to avoid tech addition especially during summer vacation, which is when children have more free time. 

1.Limited tech usage 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children between ages 2 and 5, should use a tablet for no more than one hour and always under adult supervision. Our platform helps children to become independent learners, because there’s no access to internet, social networking or advertising. Besides, all platform activities have been designed by lead expert educators. From age 6 onwards, the amount of time spent should be established by an adult. 

2.Team building activities

Internet, video games and tech addiction may hinder social interaction, that’s why group activities are highly advisable. Smile and Learn features multiplayer games, for kids to interact with peers and have a fun time.  

3.Have a closer look at their academic results

When school children start noticing the potential of developing tech addition, their grades fall, because they’re paying less attention in class. That’s why, it’s advisable to limit screen time especially during study period. 

4.Take up a new sport

It’s highly recommended to start doing sports at a young age. Doing exercise benefits the overall developmental needs of children and improves their social, intellectual, coordination and gross motor skills. Besides, team sports help children to have empathy for others and learn values like companionship. 

5.Teach by example

Parents should teach by example making a conscious effort, on a personal level, to control the use of mobile devices or internet. For example, using electronic devices at the dinner table is not advisable, it kills conversation and ruins the family dining experience. 

! Choosing adequate apps for your children, is a critical matter, especially if screen time is expected to prolong. Smile and Learn couples having fun and learning. Can you think of a better match? More than 3,500 educative activities grouped in game, video and story categories. You’re still in time to enjoy our summer special-discount offer!

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