“The pronunciation of my students has improved greatly with Smile and Learn”


The feedback from teachers that use Smile and Learn daily is essential to better the platform and continue growing. Today we will speak with Rosana Ortega, a teacher of Portuguese.

How do you use Smile and Learn?

I use the app in my Portuguese classes for adults and kids between the ages of five and fourteen.

What is your experience with Smile and Learn like?

For teaching Portuguese, it’s great. It covers various levels of curricular year planning and thematic units, taught in school and many activities are perfect for teaching adults.

For you, what is the best thing about the platform?

The total interactivity and something that I did not expect: a lot of respect for the children and their intelligence, this is difficult to find. I love that the names of people can be international! Everything is directed to train the child in equality and respect.

How do the students perceive it?

They adore it! Especially the younger ones. The days that we do not use it they ask me about it. The key is that they learn while having a lot of fun. The diction and Portuguese pronunciation of my youngest student has significantly improved using Smile and Learn. It has given them the security they did not have before.

What is your favorite game/story/video?

That’s difficult to answer. For me, I love everything, but I will tell you my students’ favorites:

  • The Kitchen, prepare desserts (they have a lot of fun, they start to cook and don’t stop).
  • Quiz: They love to test what they have learned.
  • Stories with riddles: opening padlocks and deciphering mysteries is infallible.
  •  Interactive story pages

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