Summer Math Fun

Math for kids

Math is so much more than just numbers, multiplication tables and neverending calculations. Math can be fun, but how? Here’s a summer math fun activity list, for kids to recap what they learned in math class, during the school year and to practice more those math concepts they might have found trickier to understand.

1..Adaptive calculation

Our Adaptive Calculation app collection is a golden opportunity to become a math genius. The collection features ten apps with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations. Kids will just love it!

2.Problems I and Problems II

Common core math problems made fun! The little ones will have the chance to work out all sorts of level-appropriate, problem solving tasks. Besides, improving their math skills will help them do better in their everyday life.

3.Programing and Road Safety

Heads up! These apps are a stepping stone to learning how to program. Kids will sharpen their analytical skills and learn all about basic programing elements. Programing is more appropriate for younger learners while Road Safety, that is programing taken to the next level, comes with key road safety skills that make living in a big city much easier.

4.Shapes Sudoku and Numbers Sudoku

The app version of a summer classic. While parents do their daily sudoku puzzle in the newspaper lying on the beach, kids can do the same with Smile and Learn. Sudoku is an awesome math game to encourage and further improve mental agility skills. Shapes and numbers versions available!

5.Connect Faces

The most entertaining of our summer math activities: Noughts & Crosses, new edition! Players take turns to complete a row of either 3 or 4 noughts or crosses, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The winner is the first player to get 3 or 4 of his/her symbols/counters in a row.  

You can find many more activities in the Smile and Learn Math and Logic World, to keep kids’ brains active and engaged all summer long!

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