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Yoga for kids

Too much time to spare this summer? Would you like to sign your kids up for sports or summertime activities? Would you prefer they spent more time on beneficial leisure activities that would empower their self-development?

Yoga for kids is a wonderful combination of relaxation, concentration and equilibrium. Additionally, there are tons of health benefits about it, like increasing flexibility and coordination skills, canalizing energy, taking up on healthier habits, improving self-esteem, stimulating control and fomenting self-awareness.

Apart from all these advantages, doing yoga is also about learning different animal poses; the cat, dog or cobra pose are kids’ favorites, as they have fun while strengthening their back, arm and tummy muscles.

And if you rather prefer doing yoga at home, summer camp, the beach or the pool, you can try our YouTube Channel yoga sessions:

  • Sun Salutation

  • Yoga for kids with animal poses (cat pose, dog pose…)

Are you up for it? It could be a ton of fun!

Montse Villaverde

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