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Vista icónica de Smile and Learn nueva

Smile and Learn is an educational platform attending to differentiated learning and propounding level-based, customizable content. Visual learning made fun. For this reason, we take pride in having launched the new user-friendly graphics version of our App, to facilitate comprehension and easy access to our Game Worlds.

We highly recommend users to set up our latest version for SEN children or pre-school children, by accessing our configuration panel area.

Our platform is inclusive learning-based; in order to thoroughly adapt to each student’s characteristics, in-App tasks are designed by difficulty levels.

Our App games and tasks range from novice to master level. Class teachers and student can the desired difficulty level depending on individual merits, progress and challenges. Game pace mode is also customizable, choosing to work wit or without a chronometer.

Our App stories are level-based; narration and text are adapted to diverse reading skills levels: novice level, apprentice level and master level. There are also four reading options: read only option, listen only option, read and listen option and pictogram reading option.


Un sistema alternativo de comunicación recomendable para niños que se están iniciando en la lectoescritura o con dificultades de la comunicación.

All Smile and Learn stories come in pictogram-reading version. An alternative communication system recommended for those children who are starting themselves off to reading and writing; or for children with speech difficulties.

Smile and Learn stories come in different fonts, caps and lowercase letters determined by students’ individual needs.

Hundreds of preschool centers and schools who work on differentiated learning use Smile and Learn as a reference learning platform.

Differentiated learning, adapted to students’ individual needs becomes possible with Smile and Learn.  

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