1:1 model: one student, one device

Picture: Carlos García
Picture: Carlos García

What is the one-to-one learning model, that everybody is talking about? In recent years, many schools and learning centers have adopted in some or several grades a learning model which involves the use of a personal device (computer or tablet). From an educative point of view, this model seeks to make the best out of technology benefits, when it comes to student motivation and performance.

1:1 Computing is synonym for qualitative headway: it helps to cut back on school supplies costs, it puts an end to the issue of book weight and in many cases connectivity is not a necessity (when the educational software used, can work offline), that’s why it can be used in and out the classroom. Besides, ICT education allows for personalization, which comes with content adaptability to the individual needs of each learner.  

Smile and Learn is the perfect solution to this learning modality. Our App features more than 3,500 activities that cover several curriculum areas along with games, videos and interactive stories. All content is available in five languages and has been designed based on CLIL methodology (Content Language Integrated Learning)

For more information about this learning model and one-to-one licenses, contact us at: educadores@smileandlearn.com.

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