Join us to explore the Augmented Reality!


Technically speaking, augmented reality (AR) is a combination of multiple technologies, that allow the user to visualize parts of the real world through a technological device which contains virtual, graphic information. There’s huge educational potential lying in this sort of technology, as it allows learners to interact and perceive curricular elements, getting a closer look in a much funnier way, while augmenting their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Augmented Reality allows kids to play and interact with virtual elements in their surroundings, enabling them to do things they’ve always studied about in books; boring things that all of a sudden turn into something that sparkles their curiosity and helps them to have fun while learning these things, like for example, the different parts of a plant and their functions, or what matter is made up of and how cells are structured.

At Smile and Learn we’re developing interactive applications, for kids to see and learn about plants, cells or the human body thanks to 3D visualization, special effects and several virtual puzzles, unlike the ones learners are accustomed to.  

Nerea Alamar

Virtual and Augmented Reality Team

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