“Smile and Learn helps them overcome their difficulties”

Interview SEN Teacher

Feedback suggestions from teachers who use Smile and Learn on a daily basis, is essential to us. Today, we take great pleasure in interviewing Virginia Trillidou, SEN teacher in preschool and primary school, in Cyprus. 

  • What has your experience with Smile and Learn been like, so far?

It was a nice experience so far.  I have learn a lot of new things along with my students.  I like the fact that I see my students motivated to learn and excited when we are using one of the apps.  It is very useful that the platform covers a lot of educational subjects. Keep up the good work!

  • For you, what is the best thing about the platform?

 It is a new and contemporary way of learning that motivates students to learn,

stimulates their interest, and helps in achieving different learning goals.  Students are learning while having fun. The attractive features of the apps keep students actively busy.   What I like most is the fact that it combines many learning theories, but also the fact that it gives feedback to the students about how they went into every activity.

  •  In what way is Smile and Learn helpful for SEN children?

The platform supports learning for children with special educational needs (learning, emotional, adaptive or developmental).  It has a lot of benefits and it helps them to face their difficulties and to improve as much as possible.  Technology helps children with difficulties  and the use of it is an indispensable need for their education.  The specific platform includes special features for teaching children with special needs and supports their inclusion. 

  • Which learning area or curricular topic would you say is not being covered in our platform content, yet? 

I would liked if it had more collaborative activities within the platform (not just two students sharing a tablet), as the development of collaboration considers to be a 21st century skill and it is cultivated gradually.

  •  Which activities are mostly used by the kids? 

It depends on each student.  I have some students that they like the apps for mathematics and others who prefer more artistic subjects such as music or art activities.  Τhe majority likes the apps on the island of construction and also the apps that develop programming because it is a fun way to learn programming but also to learn how to provide proper instructions.

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