In-App Programing  And Road Safety

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Road safety is a fundamental part in regards to civic education and respect towards the others. Civic safety foments respect for traffic rules, vehicle circulation and the acquisition of a respectful attitude and civisism. This way we make students aware of cohabitation and civic responsibilities, something which may prevent future traffic-related accidents.

Teachers and families bear the responsibility for leading by example: teaching kids civic behavior which will appropriately strengthen civisism, hence prompting to adequate road safety.

In Smile and Learn we wish to foment common sense traffic rules: learning to respect traffic signs, knowing how to prevent perilous situations or how to make a sensible decision when it comes to what to do or who to ask for help. Our in-app programing game “Road Safety Education” helps the little ones develop psychomotor, visual observation and sound perception skills related with their spatial intelligence, reinforcing autonomy and contributing to establishing responsible decision-making capabilities.

Road safety is not relevant merely for its usefulness but also for hinting at a combination of verbal, visual and behavioral messages. The Smile and Learn Programing App is a sure bet for educating kids into sensory perception and rationalism, learning how to: perceive, single out, interpret, judge and discover the origins of road safety ethics through play. Teaching civisism rules helps build cohabitation which is an investment for the future.

Rocio Moreno

Educational Team

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