ICT Resources For ASD Learners

Autism Learners

Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD is characterized by the presence of significant alterations in social interaction, communication and the presence of stereotypical, repetitive activities. Depending on the person, these difficulties arise to a higher or lower degree.  

The objective of the education system is to provide answers to the needs of ASD learners, based always on core curriculum and normalized expectations of mainstream education. Bearing these needs in mind, teaching resources become particularly important in order to guarantee learning for ASD students. 

New technologies in education (ICT) bring together many advantages and they are a motivating and appealing learning means. Digital devices and interactive applications are everything but excluding for ASD learners, ergo becoming an essential tool that adds to their communication and social skills. Here are some key features to consider: 

  • Digital resources involve relevant multisensory stimulation. The more channels we use to teach content (visual, auditory or tactile), the easier learning becomes. 
  • They foster autonomy, respecting different learning paces, without time pressure. 
  • They provide a stable learning environment bringing about contingency and reinforcement. 
  • They allow for immediate visualization of results (right and wrong answers). 

At Smile and Learn, we are committed with inclusion and diversity. For this reason, our apps and videos feature appealing contents, with plenty of visuals that guarantee quality teaching and learning. Customizing options are key to meaningful, individualized learning.  

We encourage you to read our stories with pictograms, try out our games to boost attention skills and our emotional intelligence collection! 

Almudena González

Education Team Smile and Learn 

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