How To Easily Assess Your Learners

How To Easily Assess Your Learners

The new school year has just begun and student assessment is the order of the day, as a means of being able to evaluate learner progress during this academic year. They’re all expected to do an amazing job but … are there reliable resources that track and collect student data? The Learning Analytics System, featured in the Smile and Learn platform, is of great help when it comes to evaluating student academic progress. 

Children can practice what they learned in class with interactive activities and games that measure and assess their progress. All this data will then be represented in graphs and percentages, by clicking the Settings And Analytics tab, or visiting this link

 You can also download all this data to an Excel Sheet or PDF file, to keep your own student register, being able to view at all times the amount of time they spend on the tasks you have assigned. This can be part of the teacher’s year planner, together with all other notes regarding student effort and performance. 

In like manner, teachers can view the amount of time their students spend on each Multiple Intelligence Island or application. Being able to access this part of the platform, allows teachers to look at student results in every App (both their right and wrong answers), making the best of technology and personalized learning. 

Personalized learning is the new boom in education, and more particular the use of intelligent platforms. That’s why using our Analytics System enables you to adapt student profiles, create new learning paths and learning lists. You can create your very own learning paths based on what curricular content you’re planning to teach or use our recommender system to help children train each one of their cognitive skills. 

Natalia Lara

Investigation Team

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