Exploring “A Day With Alex”

Story for kids

A Day With Alex is one of the stories in the collection “Alex Learns…”. This collection teaches kids good daily routines and habits in a fun, entertaining and interactive way. In the story, we’re going to spend Sunday with Alex, learning about different daily routine habits like how we can help our family and friends. Kids will be learning about proper bathroom habits and eating habits. They will also work on new vocabulary about the parts of a house. Every part of the story has been designed to be educationally informative about the parts of the house. Apart from that, and as we read through the story, we’ll be coming across emotional intelligence and reading comprehension challenges.

How to use the story “A Day With Alex” in the classroom

This story is both content and reading-appropriate for 3-7 year-olds. Students can fully customize the learning experience choosing level, language, reading mode and letter font type. The story also features a pictogram version that is a wonderful resource for preschool and SEN education. This is an inclusive customization tool, as the content of the story remains unchanged. The only aspect that changes is the difficulty of the text. Hence, learners enjoy the same content but work with it in different levels, avoiding comparisons among peers. The quiz featured at the end of the story, aims at helping students practice their reading comprehension skills.  

Why use “A Day With Alex” in class?

This story is part of collection where the main character is Alex. More specifically it’s great for practicing daily routines and parts of the house vocabulary in preschool and SEN classrooms. The story collection also boosts progressively kids’ autonomy in an interactive, engaging  manner. Thanks to the pictogram version we can work with emergent readers, identifying pictograms with words. Thanks to Alex and this story collection we can learn good habits and daily routines in a fun way.

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