Escape Room Tales As A Teaching Resource


Interactive adventure stories are tales which come in different difficulty levels, featuring different topics of interest for kids.

In these adventures, where the protagonists are the kids, the objective lies in cracking a code which allows the player to move up levels and game screens one by one,  searching for numbers, letters or even colors. Players crack the code using the clues in the visual aids provided in the game while practicing their reading and vocabulary skills on the topic that corresponds to the story; pirates, paintings or science for example.

These stories are a very useful educational tool to motivate kids thanks to a format according to which via reading comprehension questions, they move up progressively within the game. Reading practice through this sort of activities heightens and stimulates kids’ perception and agility, concentration abilities and reading comprehension skills. Moreover, thanks to the topics of the stories, kids learn new vocabulary and boost their creativity and imagination.

These stories can be used for group work, aiming at fomenting cooperation among the group members, searching for clues all together and competitiveness among class groups, to see which group finds the clues first. Thanks to teamwork, social skills improve as well.

There are five different stories in our Smile and Learn platform: Undercover, The Treasure and The Lab.

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Raquel Melero,

Educational Team

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