What are the challenges for post-Covid 19 education?

School Child Wearing Face Mask During Corona Virus And Flu Outbr

Smile and Learn participates in a report published by the Foundation of Applied Economy Studies (FEDEA) through its Covid-19 Mixed Working Group Education and Science Commission (GTMC) formed by company and institution representatives.

Following the suggestions of measures to palliate the effects of school closings owing to the sanitary crisis, the document argues the importance of investing in education as well as the need to fortify autonomous learning by means of implementing platforms like Smile and Learn.

The unprecedented closing which challenged the education system during spring this year as a result of the sanitary crisis will have a negative impact on teacher practice; an impact which is yet to be concretized for the most vulnerable communities. An emergency Summer- Fall 2020 Education Plan is being put forward to palliate these effects, which would imply more teacher recruitment, longer school hours and more flexible school schedules during the next months, and also the employment of proven success online educational platforms.

On a related note, the report brings forward a series of measures urging the prioritizing of autonomous learning programs and means by way of immediate implementation of digital platforms with built-in artificial intelligence like Smile and Learn.

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