What are some technology risks children face online?

risks of tecnology for children

Technology comes with important benefits, it’s our day-to-day ally, it makes our daily life easier and thanks to it many processes have been improved. But as with everything else (in life), technology comes with certain dangers mainly for the younger users that are learning to use it and without the help and guidelines of an adult, they may face certain risks. 

 One of the main issues with using technology is addiction regarding social networking, gaming and even smartphone usage. To avoid tech addiction, we can suggest to children to play outdoors, do crafts, come up with stories or play games with the family.

Thanks to these indications and alternatives to the constant use of technology, we can help younger users enjoy a healthy, balanced childhood. 

Another problems lies in indiscriminate advertising that reaches the littles ones, a fact that spurs the consumption and feeling of necessity for the advertised products. In this case, advertising should be avoided as much as possible, be it on TV or in apps, making sure as well to explain to them that it’s not necessary to buy everything they see in advertisements, since they already have many toys and there are other fun activities they could try. 

As children grow up, the nature of technology issues varies. One of the main concerns is cyberbullying. To stand up against it we should explain to them that everything they say online is as real as face-to-face conversations, and we may hurt others’ feelings. Also, we should always make a point of letting them know they can share anything they feel the need to. And every time something troubles them, it’s best for them to share it, to get the help they need.

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