Ways to teach kids to use technology safely

How to teach kids to use technology

Nowadays, society is encouraging early use technology more and more. But are we using technology in the right way? Do we actually know how to teach children to make appropriate use of technology?  

First and foremost we should teach by example. Part of children’s learning is achieved through imitation, so we can’t really expect them not to get attached to a cell phone, if the only thing they see, is adults glued to their phones 24/7.

  • Set screen time usage rules about what games they can play: your best option are ads-free, educational games without in-app purchase features, that add value to their learning.
  • Set time limits: for younger children, 3-6 year-olds, we should manage screen time to a maximum of 30 minutes. This slot can be stretched further as they grow up.
  • How to play: set rules for quite playtime to avoid over excitement; good posture is necessary and also make sure they don’t hold the device too close to their eyes.
  • Where to play: children should play in the presence of an adult, having their help at hand, every time they need to be reminded about responsible game rules and correct use of the device.

One of the main problems involving technology usage is becoming addicted to games, social networking, playstations or cell phones. To avoid addictions like these we can suggest changing activity like going to the park, doing crafts, playing a musical instrument, making up their own stories and many other fun things they can do with the rest of the family. 

Thanks to the prompts previously explained and the alternatives to prolonged technology usage, we can help the little ones enjoy a healthy, balance childhood.

The best they can do is to enjoy technology with the rest of the family, alternating online gaming with reading, playing outdoors, walking or cooking.


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