Tips for going Back to School


This year Back to School is almost like how it was before: full attendance, some extracurricular activities, and a lot of hope. Like every September, families, teachers, and children face these first days with a combination of nerves and expectations as well as a course full of learning and adventure. 

To make this start as easy as possible, here at Smile and Learn, we have come up with a list of tips:

  • Learn but also have fun: It is important to approach the learning process as something interesting and entertaining, this will help maintain the interest and attention of the students.
  • Communication: a channel of communication that is always open between teachers and children is necessary for the well-being of everyone in the classroom. Trust is important, it will make the children feel better.
  • Patience: It is good to think about how these days of change are difficult for everyone. A little extra patience won’t hurt!
  • Positive Attitude: Everyone starts out enthusiastic but it dissipates as the course progresses. Try to maintain this attitude the first few days, your students will thank you.
  • Motivation: It is essential to maintain attention throughout the course. Rely on materials and games that make the process easier. 


At Smile and Learn, we are experts at smiling while learning. If you are unfamiliar with us and want to try our program for free, send us an email at and we will contact you.

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