The importance of good study habits

Good study habits for children

Study habits are a series of necessary routines that improve our learning skills. To make their environment the best study space and promote effective study skills, we suggest helping children plan and organize their study tasks. To meet this target, it’s important to: 

  1.      Plan the schoolwork
  2.      Prioritize tasks
  3.      Manage time
  4.      Pick a study corner and create a great study space

When it comes to organizing a daily study session, it’s appropriate to initiate it with a task that is intermediate in difficulty. Then, we would schedule a slot for hard tasks and leave the easiest tasks for last. Depending on the children’s age, it’s important to fit 5-minute breaks in the session, helping the child to reduce the fatigue accumulated. 

 Before all else, we’re going to organize and plan the tasks, and the actual study session together with the child. At the time that the child shows progress, we start lessening the amount of help given, ergo allowing the child to take ownership of learning, planning and self-regulating it. 

We’d like to name a few characteristics to choose from in order to create a good study space:

  •         Study in the same place every day
  •         Quiet, distraction-free space
  •         Proper lighting 
  •          Adequate ventilation 


Lastly, help children make a responsible use of cell phones during their study sessions, as mobile phones can be an important source of distraction. 

Good study habits are key to guaranteeing better learning.  

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