Success Story: CPEE La Quinta

Success Story: CPEE La Quinta

Luisa Mesías, the director of CPEE (Public College of Special Education) La Quinta of Madrid, who has been learning and smiling with us for many years answers some questions about the use of the platform.

What do you like the most about Smile and Learn?

There are various aspects to emphasize about the platform. The security of the apps guarantees that the students are able to work with them without worrying about third-party data. Advertisements are non-existent on it. The categorization of the apps as well as the simplicity of being able to alternate between them without difficulty. The ability to adapt the apps to the students’ needs (type of font, pictograms, language, time, etc.).

What are the main reasons that you work with our platform?

There are many. Mainly we work on reading comprehension, attention, numbers, spatial reasoning, cooking and food, emotions, memory, and more.

What is it like in a class of your kids with Smile and Learn?

Every student takes out their iPad at a specific time that is known by the Head of Studies and is recorded in the personal schedule of the teacher. The student enters the app and looks for their account to access the apps the teacher wants them to work on at that moment. On occasion, there are two teachers in a classroom if the students are not autonomous.

What do your students like the most about Smile and Learn?

It changes according to age and the students. The apps about cooking, routines and stories are the most successful.

When it comes to devices, which do you believe is the ideal one to best support Smile and Learn?

For us, the use of tablets is essential since it allows every student to be independent and work at their own pace. Knowing the characteristics of our students, the work on the SmartBoard is difficult on occasion but Smile and Learn is definitely a resource that makes the process much easier.

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