The field of mathematics is one of the 5 subjects that make up STEAM, a learning method that allows kids to develop many personal skils like study skills.

Math has many benefits for children: mental agility and development of thinking capacity are some examples that are necessary to implement in classrooms.

These have a large impact on daily life and are present in everyday actions like buying bread. That’s why monitoring this subject is essential so that kids can discover the world around them with ease.

With Smile and Learn, kids can practice numbers with fun games like “Counting”, “Order the Numbers”,”Number Line”,”Double and Halves”, among others. Furthermore, they will get to know different geometric shapes that exist through activities like “Geometric Shapes”, “Basic Geometry”, “Polygons”, or “Which is Which?”.

Our platform also has a number of videos and games that allow children to learn to calculate. “Learning to Add”, “Addition Exercises”, or “Learn to Subtract” are some of the activites.

Smile and Learn also has adapted calculation with differente exercises like: “Addition” or “Multiplication”. If you don’t already know us and want to try our platform completley free, fill out this form.

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