360° language immersion platform

Children will learn in Spanish and English with cross-curricular digital content along with 21st century skills through interactive activities in stories, videos, and games.

Our Methodology

We use CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) as the pedagogical framework to encourage natural exploration of topics, while developing the necessary bilingual skills in Spanish and English.

• Content

Cross-curricular content and 21st century skills.

• Communication

Interactive reading and listening activities.

• Cognition

Cognition designed to develop attention, memory, and problem solving skills.

• Culture

Topics in world history, daily routines, cooking, and more.


Perfect for Dual Immersion, Hispanic Heritage, ESL/ELL, and other bilingual programs!

How does it work?

Download the app on tablets, computers, or phones.

Personalize your students’ learning needs.

Select from learning paths aligned to US curriculum standards.

Track and share progress.

We will create the accounts and set up the classrooms, so you can focus on learning with your students.

Over 3,500 schools and 20 million children
smile and learn with us!


How to start the experience

Contact us

Send us an email from your educational center to create an account.

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