Smile and Learn: Marketing the Voice

Samuel’s dad is a high school teacher. He is very active on social media and he just discovered a post about a webinar on how to improve education quality.

  • (Samuel’s dad): This could be interesting but will it be any good? I’ll write them a message on Instagram to find out a bit more…
  • (Samuel): Dad, that’s Smile and Learn’s seal. I use it at school, and the other day mom installed it on the tablet.
  • (Samuel’s Dad): Well, I didn’t know that! I just got a reply on Instagram telling me about the speakers at the webinar. I know one of them already because I’ve read her research. I think I’m going to sign up!
  • The Smile and Learn Marketing and Communication Departments are committed to working on activities that will familiarize you with our product, help you understand how we work,  and explain our values.

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