Smile and Learn joins Equity4Good

Equity4Good, the impact investment vehicle managed by Ship2B, which is also endorsed by the European Investment Fund (UIF), ratifies and backs the Ed-tech sector, and joins Smile and Learn with a convertible note investment of 100,000 Euros.

This investment is part of the Smile and Learn growth project, in which we continue to work so that quality education reaches all children. At the current time, our more than 5,000 activities in five languages, reach more than 10 million children all over the world through different channels.

Individualized attention to the needs of each child and the personalization of education allow to improve learning. Interactive content and the use of technology can be great facilitators, enacting a bigger impact on children more prone to school/academic failure (it is estimated that in Spain 1 every 4 teenagers drops out of school before their compulsory education period ends) or special education needs children.

Stories for example, feature different difficulty levels and reading competence, they also include pictograms, highly recommended for children with autism disorder spectrum (ADS), intellectual disability or specific language impairment (SLI).

COVID-19 Initiatives
During the sanitary crisis brought about by the coronavirus and the need to confine the population and continue school at home, Smile and Learn has wanted to help teachers and parents, by making the platform and the activities featured on it available to them, through diverse means, like Spotify podcasts, educational videos on Clan and La 2 channels on TVE Spanish Television, by agreement with the Spanish Ministry of Education, the regional channel in Castile and Leon or Canal Once in Mexico, as well as a one-month free access for families and schools, among others.

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