Smile and Learn II: Education, the Heart

It is 10:30 in the morning, and Samuel is in Math class. Today he is studying fractions, so for this reason, his teacher gives him a tablet with Smile and Learn installed on it. On the tablet, there is an application to teach fractions that allows Samuel to practice what he has learned by using fun activities.

  • (Samuel): This fraction 8/10 has a high numerator… I’m certain it’s the biggest!
  • (Teacher): Samuel, when you saw the pizza divided in half, it was a whole pizza, wasn’t it?
  • (Samuel): Yes, but 8/10… That means there is a lot of pizza!
  • (Teacher): What do you think? If the pizza is divided into 10 slices and you eat 8… Are you eating the whole pizza?
  • (Samuel): Oops… I think for dinner I prefer the whole pizza

In the education department, we work as a team to create content that is both didactic and fun at the same time. Each suggested activity must have several parts: a theoretical one, where we explain the concept, and an interactive one where students learn as they go. To make activities more motivating for children, we have each activity accompanied by a splash of fun. Our goal for each activity is to encourage children to use their emotions, which studies have shown that students learn more and better.

In the education department, we coordinate the entire production process: first, we outline our idea and define the content, then we work with programming to find the best game mechanics; in the meanwhile, we coordinate with the art team to ensure that the illustrations are suitable for each activity and age group. The process ends with the translators and final product testing

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