Smile and Learn expands to Brazil leagued with Facebook and Itaú Bank

We are delighted to start our new adventure in Brazil hand in hand with two outstanding partners: Facebook and Itaú Bank. Having as their objective to bring quality educational videos to all homes, Facebook and Itaú Bank make it possible for Smile and Learn content to reach Brazilian families. Now children will be able to enjoy a selection of our best videos, an option available on the Facebook website of the project.

Once you have opened the web page, the little robot of the “Leia para uma Criança” (Read To A Child) Project, will suggest to children different videos with activities and questions to reinforce learning. These comprehension activities are great for content assimilation and for understanding the world around us. With our videos children will enlarge their vocabulary, develop their imagination and creativity, and discover new worlds.

Our commitment to quality, personalized, customizable education based on the needs of each country and child, still remains the centerline ofa project best-loved by millions of children around the world.

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