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Educational games, videos and interactive stories

More than 3.000 schools worldwide are now using Smile and Learn. A brand new edutainment platform concept, awarded by the European Commission, that includes more han 6,500 activities for kids in pre-school and primary school. Specialized in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), the platform reinforces curriculum subjects, such as Maths, Literacy, Foreign Languages and Science.

Implementation model for schools

We have a licence model.  Fees for training, individualized tech and academic assistance services are included in the price. We offer a free trial period and a free license for teachers. Learn more about terms and conditions, fees and volume discounts. Contact us at:

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Ideal for schools

Multiple Intelligences,
values and foreign languages

Activities designed by educators to reinforce the curriculum content.

Personalization and
group management

Teachers will be able to include different student groups and personalize each user.

User and discounted teacher's training package

Our pedagogic team offers personal direction in all the schools we’re working with to implement the platform effectively and easily in classes for a limited cost. 

Evaluation of the use
and progress of the student

Detailed registration of data activity for each child and pedagogical recommendations.

Multi Device-friendly
and multiplatform

Available for tablets, digital blackboards, mobile phones and PCs, on Windows, IOS and Android.

Assessments and access
for parents

The educator will be able to assign activities to students and use a live monitor to observe student progress.



Smile and Learn includes a learning monitoring feature, allowing teachers to follow the evolution of their students. The platform collects data on the time spent by kids on each game, story and their progress for each multiple intelligence. This feature identifies which area(s) the student needs to focus on. Based on this analysis, a specific set of content will be recommended to keep on boosting the learning experience.


The app allows you to personalize student profiles in all the games and stories. The educator can choose between several game modes, reading modes and types of font, including pictograms. Additionally, our whole collection is adapted for children with special learning needs. This way, Smile and Learn allows you to adapt the learning process to the pace of each kid.


Tested in thousands of innovative schools...


...with excellent feedback

"Smile and Learn is a great pedagogic tool. It contains excellent educative applications and is very well constructed with ample support from schools".

Jesús Rodríguez, ICT Manager

School Ntra.Sra. del Carmen

"Smile and Learn is an ideal application for our kids because of its values, interculturality, and professionalism. It is an addition to the curriculum that should not be left out"

María Sesma, ICT Manager

School San José del Parque 

"It’s a great tool which addresses all our curriculum areas. Besides, being able to view students statistics charts is truly enriching when it comes to collecting assessment data for each learner"

Pablo Aparicio Garcia

Maria Correndedora School, Madrid

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