Preparing for Back to School

Back to school is approaching, and with it, children’s nerves. They are looking forward to meeting their classmates and teachers again. After a long and intense summer of many outdoor activities, and family and friends outings, it’s time to replace balls with books.

Children have enjoyed a few months of well-deserved rest to recharge their batteries and start the new school year with lots of energy. Many of them have been accustomed to summer schedules and the lack of academic activities, so it will be difficult for them to jump back into the routine. Therefore, we should facilitate this adaptation from home. 

Here are some tips that you can try with your children:

  1. Prepare school supplies together. It is good to have children involved in the back-to-school process. For example, school supply shopping, choosing a new backpack they will carry, or adding an adhesive textbook cover. As a result, they become aware of returning to the routine and can see it as something exciting.
  2. Schedule changes. In summer, it is normal for sleep schedules to be more flexible and disorderly, but with September’s arrival, it is time to adjust them again. We recommend that a few days before going back to school children should start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier so; they can get used to it little by little.
  3. Motivation. Starting a new school year means change, but a positive attitude can help to boost their excitement and enthusiasm. 

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