Mental health on kids

Mental health on kids

Nowadays, mental health has become a highly discussed topic and it is important to apply it to children as well. School can be stressful and having outlets to release stress and become centered are essential. Here are some ideas on how to promote mental wellness in your household this school year.

  • Separate homework from other activities

Having a set amount of time to complete homework will help children get into a routine. This will also demonstrate that while school is a priority, it is not everything, therefore allowing children to enjoy other activities once homework is completed.

  • Discourage procrastination

Procrastination of assignments only worsens when children get older so it is best to instill healthy habits in them now. Encouraging kids to do their work as soon as they receive it will prevent stress at a later time, especially if there is pressure to get it done in a certain amount of time.

  • Allow breaks and mental health days

Remember, they are still children! It is important to listen to their needs and allow them to have time off every once in a while. While they are resilient, they shouldn’t be burnt out at a young age.

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