Math: A Love-Hate Relationship

Some phrases teachers utter with exasperation are: “My students hate math” or “I can’t get them to like math.” Yes, it can be very stressful for children to show some interest in mathematics, but everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, can learn math and enjoy it if they use the right tools.

Mathematics is an important part for fostering students’ intellect, helping them develop analytical thinking, solving problems efficiently, thinking freely, and training their minds for logical thinking and reasoning. In general, children enjoy learning just as much as they love playing. Therefore, they must establish a routine that includes time for mathematical exercises and problem-solving.

The first step is to include math in every aspect of your life. For example, if you go hiking together, you can count everything you see along the way.  In this way, children will become familiar with numbers and do small calculations by themselves.

The idea is to show them that math is everywhere and that they can use it whenever they want. The goal is to awaken children’s curiosity each time something strikes them and encourage them to think logically and rationally.  In this way, their image of math changes; they replace it with a better one.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to teach children is by playing.

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