Let´s stop hating math

“We can’t stand it most of the time, we run away from it every time it gets close to us and the very idea of meeting it terrifies us.” Math is like that person you never want to see. You want it, but out of your life.

Sound familiar? Some children start to dislike learning math when they are young, which is often due to their environment. However, math is not only necessary in stimulating students’ intellect; it helps their critical thinking skills and; provides them with the tools to solve problems effectively, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Teachers can help break down stereotypes that make students avoid math by including it in their students’ daily lives. Here are some activities you can do with them:

  1. Go on a field trip.  Enjoying the scenery while you count everything you see along the way; is one way to encourage children’s participation and show them how math is involved in any activity.
  2. Use math every day. Have students play a game where they do their grocery shopping in a supermarket. The objective is to give them a specific budget so they know how much they can afford to buy. We have numerous interactive activities and games on our Smile and Learn platform, available for you to use in the classroom.
  3. Do simple problems. Choose a day of the week to do problems together and give them a prize for a job well done. The objective is to use incentives to encourage students to continue learning.

It’s about showing your students that mathematics is everywhere and that they can use it whenever they want.

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