Let’s Learn About Some Endangered Animals

More than 7.7 million animal species exist on the planet, and more than 20% are in danger of extinction. The causes are very diverse, but human actions and the effects this has on the environment also play a significant role. Poaching and animal trafficking are two leading causes of thousands of species’ disappearance worldwide. Another cause is the destruction of their habitats by excessive and illegal human activities. As a result, these species migrate to other ecosystems where they jeopardize their survival.

The following are some endangered species:

  1. Mandrill. In West Africa, they eat mandrill meat and use it for trade, and they estimate that tons of meat enter Western Europe illegally. Also,logging and agriculture are destroying their places of refuge.
  2. Polar bear. This species depends entirely on sea ice to catch its prey: seals. However, global warming and rising temperatures are causing the ice to melt rapidly. 
  3. Chimpanzee. Over the last century, three-quarters of this species have disappeared because of poaching for their meat. This meat is consumed in West Africa and it is illegally distributed abroad.
  4. Panda bear. Currently, only 2,000 panda bears are living in the wild. Also, bamboo, its primary food source, is susceptible to high temperatures, which means that, as time goes by, bamboo will be affected by climate change.

Unfortunately, more species are in danger of extinction because of humans. We can reduce our environmental impact every time we visit a natural area to avoid endangering the survival of the species in that place.

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