Learn the Multiplication Tables

One of the first things children learn in mathematics is multiplication, a method that allows them to add up large quantities quickly and easily. Memorizing the multiplication tables can be a real challenge. That is why it is so important to introduce them through games and activities. Here are some tips that you can use to help your children memorize the multiplication tables:

1. Start using these multiplication tables first: the 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 tables. These tables have simple rules, which children can understand easily: 

  • The 0 times table: any number multiplied by 0 equals 0.
  • The 1 times table: any number multiplied by 1 equals the same number.
  • The 2 times table: any number multiplied by 2 equals double that number.
  • The 5 times table: any number multiplied by 5 ends in 0 or 5.
  • The 10 times table: any number multiplied by 10 equals the same number followed by a 0. 

2. Times tables that use tricks: there are some tables, like the 9 times table, that are simple to calculate if you use a simple trick. One trick uses the idea of creating two columns of numbers: one increasing from 0 to 9 and the other decreasing from 9 to 0. If we put both columns together, we get the same result as the 9 multiplication table

0   9

1   8

2   7

3   6

4   5

5   4

6   3

7   2

8   1

9   0

Another example of calculating multiples of 9 is using one’s hands. With both hands opened face down and all fingers extended, a child can figure out how much 9 x 2 is by bending the second finger. So the result will always be the number of fingers left on either side of the bent finger. In this case, on the left hand, there would be 1 finger, and on the right of the bent finger, there would be 8 fingers, resulting in 18.

3. Multiply by singing: music is an effective tool for teaching children. There are numerous resources available for everyone, from youtube videos to gaming apps.

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