How to Keep Students Engaged

The average adult’s attention span is approximately 10 to 15 minutes, so it is not surprising that children also have difficulties paying attention in classes longer than an hour. Staying focused is the key for students to excel in their academic studies and absorb the knowledge that they have learned.

Young children are in constant contact with stimuli that energize the brain, preventing it from relaxing and focusing on what it is doing. Here are some techniques to help keep students focus in class:

  1. Get their attention. Start the class with something new, unusual, or interesting for your students. The first few minutes are crucial to grabbing their attention. So, make sure you take advantage of it!
  2. Reward their progress. The best way to motivate student participation is by rewarding them.
  3. Encourage group work. By doing so, students learn to help each other, develop empathy, understand each other better, and, most importantly, solve problems.
  4. Use new technology. Incorporating technological tools allows students to develop new skills. Numerous platforms exist like; Smile and Learn, where students can learn about any subject using interactive games and activities.
  5. Incorporate games in the classroom. Children learn much better through interactive games that are gradually used in class.
  6. Promote cooperative learning in the classroom. It is a methodology that wants us to focus on student autonomy, that is that they are able to learn from themselves and their peers.

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