How to Improve Your Visual Memory

Human beings perceive the world through the senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. But, sometimes, we have one sense that is more developed than the others. For example, when sight is the most developed sense, it means that we cannot only see the world through our eyes but; also we can learn and remember a great deal of it. Visual memory is a crucial aspect of children’s intellectual development, as it preserves information that has been received visually and keeps it stored in the brain.

Here are some tips to strengthen your visual memory:

  1. Organize information by categories. When reading any book or syllabus, pick the most significant information, and group it around common characteristics. The objective is to associate an image with the information you have collected.
  2. Develop your observation skills. When walking or wandering through any place, look carefully at everything around you and focus on the details that catch your attention. The idea is for you to store as much information as possible with just one glance.
  3. Practice with pictures. Choose any image and look at it for 30 seconds, and make sure to pay close attention to all the details. After time has passed, put the image aside and describe it carefully: for example any objects and colors that appear. You can even write a story about what you have seen.
  4. Memory games. Surely you remember the games that consisted of finding matching  pairs of images in the shortest time possible. Over a few seconds you are shown a series of jumbled images for you to look at closely, and when time has elapsed, they flip them over for you to find the pairs. These types of games will help you to train your memory.

These are just a few ways to boost your memory; use whichever one you find the most comfortable and effective.

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