How to Foster Creativity in the Classroom

Creativity is a practical skill that anyone can develop throughout their lives. Everyone has the potential to be creative to a lesser or greater extent, depending on the habits and stimuli we encounter every day. In this context, innovation is also key to developing modern societies because it drives people to change how they think and see the world to find solutions to challenges they face at work or home.

Here are some ideas to encourage creativity in the classroom:

  1. Ask open-ended questions. Do not give students theoretical information to reiterate because this will only prevent them from developing their imagination accordingly. Ask them questions like, What would you do if…? Do you think if…? and give them time to answer them in their way.
  2. Reverse the roles. Allow students to become a teacher for a day; they will be in charge of sharing their knowledge with their peers and demonstrating it excitingly. Provide them an opportunity to choose a format they like best (song, game, or video) so; they can show off what they have learned.
  3. Harness individual talent.  Ask your students what subjects they are most comfortable with, and make sure you use their skills to the best of your abilities.
  4. Use technology. Take advantage of technological devices to create more dynamic classes and tap into your students’ imagination and digital skills. Suggest activities each week and upload them to a blog that everyone can access.

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