How to encourage reading


Reading is one of the oldest activities that is still practiced today. From the first hieroglyphics that were carved into stones, to digitization, reading has always been a way to escape, favoring concentration and imagination.

Among an infinite list of benefits, perhaps it is most importantly an activity that helped us communicate in a logical and effective way.

Reading also:

  • Stimulates the imagination
  • Exercises attention
  • Develops curiosity
  • Encourages communication

Even so, recent generations have experienced how this habit has become less common. With the rise of new technology, children have gone from wanting a new book to preferring different audiovisual options like videos or games. 

These options are more convenient and also save parents time and money. However, kids have lost the benefits of reading and now they have more vocabulary problems and worse academic performance.

At Smile and Learn, we believe that these are indispensable benefits. Because of these, we have combined what today’s children want, technology, and what we consider essential, reading. We have also included an audiobook option with our stories to better assist with the attention of young readers.

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