Getting Students to Pay Attention

Teachers know better than anyone about children’s limited ability to pay attention in class. Keeping that in mind, human beings’ attention span lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes, so it is normal for children to get lost in an hour-long class. But several factors can affect their focus, such as; motivation and their desire to learn.

Here are some tips for creating more dynamic and entertaining classes:

  1. Starting the class. It is crucial to start with something new that captures the students’ attention since this is the time that they are most eager to learn.
  2. Encourage participation. The best way to check that they pay attention is to have them participate by asking them questions. Asking them questions; helps them reflect on what they have understood in class. Active student participation means that they are attentive and focused.
  3. Take breaks. Try to take breaks from time to time so that; they can clear their minds and resume classes with more enthusiasm. It is highly recommended to schedule break periods that foster active and conscious learning.
  4. Create in-class games. We know that children learn much better through interactive games that are gradually becoming more popular in the classroom. Some platforms let you take quizzes on any topic or subject. They can be played individually or in groups.
  5. Offer rewards. The best way to motivate students to pay attention and actively participate in class is to offer a reward for work well done.

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