Fun Facts About the Human Brain

The brain is a vital body organ and the most complex of all. It is responsible for controlling all other organs, and it is what defines us as human beings. Keeping your brain healthy and strong requires taking care of it every day.

Do you know how?

Improving our eating and exercise habits affects how we evolve and develop. The brain is a fascinating organ that we still have much to learn.

Here are some interesting facts about the human brain:

  1. The brain has no less than one hundred billion neurons. This is a surprising but necessary fact considering that the brain is in charge of all our mental processes.
  2. It can process complete images in as little as 13 milliseconds, which it does at an impressive speed.
  3. It is 70% water, so hydration plays an important role in its proper function. The brain uses large amounts of water, which makes us more agile.
  4. It consists of two hemispheres: the left and right, each connected to the other by fibers known as the corpus callosum.
  5. The brain stores memories in two different places: one area is called the prefrontal cortex, and the other is called the subiculum. Over time, the subiculum memory fades, while the prefrontal memory remains in the long term.

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