Extracurriculars are back!


Extracurricular activities have always been the most fun! Children look forward to leaving school to practice the hobbies they love the most.

It is the most satisfying way to reward them. In addition, extracurriculars are fundamental to developing essential skills and talents that they will use in the future. 

Unfortunately, during the last few months, kids have to give them up but, that time is over. Extracurriculars are BACK!

These activities focus on several areas and each helps children develop their skills. Because of this, children must participate in at least one extracurricular every week in order to obtain the essential benefits for their development.

 At Smile and Learn, apart from having great curriculum content, we have a series of modules that focus on art, logic, robotics, and even sports such as yoga! Games that will help develop their skills anywhere. 

If you are unfamiliar with us and want to try our program for free, send us an email at info@smileandlearn.com and we will contact you.


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