English language Immersion with Smile and Learn


We started using Smile and Learn at my school, AGORA LLEDO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in 2021, after trialing it with different subjects
and age groups last year. Our school uses a multilingual approach based on English Language immersion from the Early Years. We also implement the IB Early and Primary years programme, which sets young students on the path to becoming active participants in a continuous educational journey.

It was, therefore, very important for us to find a way to integrate all subjects together as well as help children practice, review and independently inquire about the lesson content in a fun, and attractive way. Smile and learn offered us a way to make children agents of their own learning, at school and at home. It is a child friendly, intuitive app and has the added advantage of making it possible to integrate subjects, like Computer Science, into our PYP lessons. During these lessons children are encouraged to follow the learning path of the unit we are developing in class and to complete as many activities as possible or to try to find out more things about an aspect of the unit they are particularly interested in.

Moreover, all activities can be adapted for special needs students. We set up a learning path for each one of our units with different contents from all subjects, from Spanish to Maths, Science or Arts. In addition, it is possible to adapt the learning route to each student so that everybody can make the most out of the app.

Finally, for parents, it offers a means to follow your child’s learning at home and gives an educational purpose to the use of electronic devices, like tablets.

Ms. Penny Pareja Jarillo 

English teacher at Agora Lledó International School

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