Ideal for kids with special learning needs

Levels and typographies

Different difficulty modes, font types and reading modes.

Stories with pictograms

Highly recommended for children with special needs, autism or ADHD.

Personalized learning

Adapted content for distinct stages of the child’s development.


Analytics and personalization

Smile and Learn offers a complete evaluation of the child’s progress by presenting a detailed analysis. Then, the system suggests games and stories to the user to keep working on their strong points and reinforce their weaknesses.

Moreover, the educator can indicate if the child has special needs and choose between different personalization features in different games.

Tested at hundreds of innovative schools...

...with excellent feedback

“Smile and Learn vouches for educational apps. Making them attractive and accessible. They help stimulate learning abilities while playing and adapt to each child’s needs”.

Pedagogical team
CEPRI school

“Smile and Learn is an educational platform that adapts to each child’s speed. It also encourages the player along while doing the activities”.

Luis García Carretero, Headmaster
Areteia School

“Smile and Learn is perfecto for our student's needs: it includes pictograms, slow pace games, different reading options...And the team is just amazing! They are always opne to feedback and have actually implemented most of our suggestions.”

Almudena Montero, Tech responsible La Quinta

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