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A decisive moment in developing any type of software, is choosing the technology you are going to use. Our objective has always been to create quality content rapidly so that our platform can accommodate the largest possible number of activities every time it is updated. That’s why we use the Unity game engine.

Unity allows us to develop applications as if they were independent projects, each one led by one of our programing team members. As soon as the project is completed, we can integrate it to the platform in a simple way thanks to another Unity feature: Asset Bundles or archive files that contain all the resources of one activity in particular. This, not only bolsters the organization of our work but it also helps us make sure that every time a user downloads Smile and Learn content, the user is downloading only those resources needed to able to enjoy the content, saving data memory space on his/her device.

Thanks to this versatile tool and the dedicated work of every department in our team, each Smile and Learn update contains lots of new content, making us a reference point in the world of educational applications on a global level.

Sergio Valverde

Technical Coordinator

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