Covid safe tips at school

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After nearly two years since COVID-19 caused a worldwide pandemic, we have begun to adjust to a new kind of normal. Although schools are back in person, COVID is still present and poses a risk to everyone. What can you do to ensure your kids stay safe while at school?

  • Talk to your child’s teacher or a representative of the school

See what precautions the school is taking regarding COVID such as socially distant desks and/or blended learning. Make suggestions if you see room for improvement or ask for accommodations for your child, especially if they are immunocompromised. Keep in touch throughout the year to stay updated on their policies.

  • Have a conversation with your children about COVID

No matter your child’s age, make sure they know what COVID is and what they need to do to be safe. While they may already have an idea of what is happening since it has been ongoing for over a year and a half, it never hurts to refresh their memory and remind them that their health and safety is the most important thing!

  • Encourage social distancing and wearing a mask

While kids are often taught “sharing is caring”, they ought to know that this phrase does not include germs! Practicing wearing a mask and social distancing outside of school may help them better understand that it should also be done at school. 

  • If they feel sick, let them stay home

In times like these, it’s best to listen to your children when they say they don’t feel well. Any and all precautions must be taken in order to protect yourself, your children, and others. Chat with their teacher to see if any other kids have felt unwell recently and how to continue learning while at home.

  • Have your kids learn and practice hygiene habits

Keeping clean is an important thing to do in general but should be stressed even more nowadays.

On Smile and Learn, we have activities and videos for your child to learn proper hand and face washing. Not only is it fun and easy but it will help keep them safe in the long run!

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