Chosen by the European Union for the Eurostars Program


The European Commission has chosen our Breaking Barriers Project as one of the winning projects for the Eurostars Program which fosters and promotes innovative R&D ideas in different fields of study. This project will enable us at Smile and Learn to expand and better our content for special education needs learners worldwide. The Eurostars Program funds SMEs that create key innovative products and is a joint initiative of the European Commission and EUREKA, a public network for innovation.

Its main aim lies in enhancing international cooperation in all technological areas, allowing companies to share knowledge and mutually benefit from opportunities, globally. The program singles out only those innovative projects that incorporate technology in the creation of life-improving solutions.

Breaking Barriers is the solid means to address and break down the learning barriers for special education needs children by putting technology at the service of education and providing for them a state-of-the-art, educative platform, fully adapted to their learning needs.
Our winning solution makes it possible for children to personalize their learning experience, getting the most out of the singular blend of a 360-content platform, an AI Recommendation Engine and a number of accessibility features like speech recognition.

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